Unanimous and Anonymous Stephen Denham


Published: January 17th 2013

Kindle Edition

26 pages


Unanimous and Anonymous  by  Stephen Denham

Unanimous and Anonymous by Stephen Denham
January 17th 2013 | Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, audiobook, mp3, RTF | 26 pages | ISBN: | 5.47 Mb

When Ross Denton is called for jury duty, it never occurs to him that he would actually be chosen as a juror, nor that deliberations might centre on a sexual assault case. Expecting to be excused at any one of a number of stages in the induction process, somewhat naively, he checks his astrology for the day on his mobile phone while waiting to be called.

Mars is in the sixth house it says, rather ominously, driving the wish to serve, unselfishly and harmoniously within a team.Remarkably and reluctantly, Ross finds himself as one of twelve, confronted by the emotionally charged details of a young womans allegations that a middle aged man, her mothers boyfriend no less, sexually assaulted her three times at the secluded end of a beach one summer’s afternoon in Sydney’s eastern suburbs.Throughout this two-week journey of confinement and ceremony, Ross experiences first hand the vagaries and ambiguities, not to mention theatrics, of the Australian legal process- despite its time-honoured jury system designed to uphold impartiality and fair-mindedness in accordance with the principle that one is innocent until proven guilty beyond reasonable doubt.As an excuse for levity in moments of downtime, Ross examines his fellow jurors from an astrological perspective and, surprisingly, finds his interpretations well-received.

The gravity of the matter at hand, however, casts what astrology has to say in a deeper, more intriguing light and at the end of the case, Ross must face down some lingering demons about himself and his own behaviour, and the whole question of what constitutes real justice.

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